About Us

   About Our Gym (aka, “Live to Play”):

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We have personality. We are fun, weird, laid back, and pretty awesome. We donʼt play thrash metal and yell at you to do more than you should. We donʼt compete with each other (unless itʼs for fun). We encourage self-improvement, rather than unsafe/injury-prone ego-fluffing. Our goal is to make everyone a better version of themselves, each and every day, and in the most fun and safe ways possible.

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Our Training Style:
There is a “sweet spot” or “apex of the bell curve” when it comes to any type of physical training. Too little, and you donʼt get many benefits. Too much, and your body gives up the benefits to survive the training, therefore still not getting many benefits. We work within that “sweet spot,” maximizing benefits with minimal amount of work.

We also understand that every body is different. Background10250145_10152313704091641_7266534268952828034_ns are different, injuries are different, body types are different, and bone structures are different. What might work for one person might not work for another. So even though we have a general program for our members to follow, we will alter various exercises for individuals who need it. This way, everyone, no matter what his/her level, is given the opportunity to benefit to the max of his/her potential. As an added bonus because we apply this concept, our training can also be seen as a prehab or rehab situation as well. Our training is perfect for injured and non-injured people, athletes and non-athletes.

We treat training our bodies like building a quality house or car. You could have two identical-looking houses, but the method of construction will make all the difference. Weʼd rather have the sturdier house.

Ongoing Education:
Our coaches do this stuff because they actually love it. Therefore, they are always learning, whether it be from seminars, specialists, or whatnot. And then that knowledge gets passed down to our members, constantly improving the quality of services. Win-win.