Our most popular choice is the small group trainings, aka classes. We keep a maximum of 10 people per class, so everyone gets quality instruction from our coaches. If youʼve ever had personal training before, itʼs kind of like that, but with more people. Our coaches donʼt just do the movements up front and make everyone copy them. Members have the option of training up to 4x/week, as thatʼs the most that is needed
(remember, minimum effort, maximum benefits?).

Our second most popular choice is private training. You can pick which coach youʼd like, each of us has our own specialties. Weʼll design a program specifically tailored to you and your goals and needs. We recommend 2-4x/week.

A hybrid version of those two choices is semi-private training. If you and a couple friends have similar goals and would like to work out together with a coach giving.


For regular classes, please visit our Facebook page (Live to Play), and hit the “sign up”button on the upper right of the page. To ensure quality of instruction, we have limited class sizes to 9 members per class, so sign up early!

For semi-private and private training, please send a message directly to the Live to Play Facebook page, stating your request, your preference in coach, and your goals. Because of the demand for times and respect for our coaches, we have instilled a 36 hour cancellation policy for all semi-private and private session with our coaches, except for in cases of proven emergencies. Please respect and abide by this policy, otherwise we have the right to charge full price for the session.