“Since the inception of Live 2 Play, I have trained with every coach they had to offer–Samantha, Jayda, Jackie, and JP. You will not find a more dedicated group of professional trainers to entrust your health, well being and physical fitness goals. In training and competing in Brazilian Jiujitsu, the L2P program has kept me strong and healthy for the competition ahead.”

FB_IMG_1450109593991 ~ Howie Hu, 40

“Live to Play is a great place for my strength and mobility training as well as any rehab I need for my sport. I think that it helps me understand how to use my body better, and it also helps me recover faster. The coaches are great, knowledgeable and well-trained. They’re easy to work with and always willing to help with anything I need. It’s also nice that it’s in the jiu-jitsu gym, so when I do something stupid, someone can fix me.”

image ~Rocky Lee, 27, UFC fighter

” I am training brazilian jiu jitsu and I wanted to implement something to help my overall strength and endurance, and Live To Play has helped me tremendously.
I am very pleased with the way things are going. I enjoy the classes, the training partners, the program and the great coaches. I am very excited to see how it has grown and how quickly things have moved. The one thing that appeals to me is the class size – small enough for individual attention.
Motivating, Challenging and Fun, Live To Play is the place to train in Taipei!”

image ~JP, 30, office worker, before joining the L2P staff!!

“As a physician, I know the importance of exercise and proper techniques. I have HIVD, which lead to part of my spine to be surgically removed last summer. Jackie and Live to Play have helped me rehabilitate my back as well as prepare for a jiu jitsu tournament since then. She keeps me honest with what I should be doing in order to get the most benefits without re-injuring myself. I send many of my patients who seek weight loss or pain medicine to Jackie to train at Live to Play.”

image ~Warren Wang, 38, M.D. and official ONE FC Head Medical Consultant

I came to Jackie broken – neck without curvature, pelvis out of line, hot and cold sensations down my arm, and an overall, achy and sore body from not any singular accident which made me confused and distressed. Jackie patiently listened to my athletic life story, and from there, she went to work – finding tender areas or trigger points that were overcompensating for other muscles and certain muscle weaknesses. With her work, I followed a plan that would release the tissue and then stabilize the weaker muscles to balance and strengthen my whole body. Even after just one week, I felt better! What I really love about Jackie’s approach to body work is that most of the work is done at home on your own, and that is can be done while still being active. As an avid climber, runner, and hiker, resting completely is nearly impossible, but with her work, you can still play and heal your body! Thank you, Jackie!!”

Alix Morris, 24, world traveler and rock connoisseur (hahha)

” I found my new self in L2P. In the past, I always thought weight training is the only way to make me strong, and weight training also equal to non stop number adding routine. But after I trained with Jackie, I found out that correct motion, proper stimulation and complete concept is more important, my strength, agility and coordination have all improved because of Jackie’s patient and detail-oriented instruction. I make myself way stronger than I can image with only Kettlebell, body weight motion and some simple equipments. And the other important point is L2P is like a big family, u can make urself healthy and strong in such a great and chill atmosphere. No matter u just wanna make yourself fit and healthy or u wanna challenge and improve yourself, L2P will be the best choice u have ever made!”

~Jeff Huang, 37, PRO FC fighter